What is reinsurance?

Why reinsure?

Insurers can reinsure some of the risks that they themselves accept. This may involve risks above a certain amount, but also special risks. At life insurance companies, special risks are often risks related to the health of the insured.

There may be several reasons for insurance companies to reinsure risks. The primary reason is to manage financial risks. This applies both to the insured amounts and to the assessment of the death risks, and the latter is especially important for people with a medical condition. These risks are often higher, but sometimes also less known, so that an ordinary insurer does not want to accept them. Reinsurance can then offer a solution.

What would you notice?

As a client, you usually do not notice that there is reinsurance. You take out the insurance policy with the insurance company (or proxy). This can be done directly or through a financial advisor. Reinsurers such as DH Reinsurance are active in the background. They make it possible for the insurer to accept you because it assigns the medical risk to us.

Always customisation

Reinsurance through DH Reinsurance means that there is always customisation. Before we accept someone, your medical file will be personally assessed by one of our medical advisors. DH Reinsurance itself keeps the data of all people with medical conditions who are insured. This is used as a guide for estimating the risk. Based on these data, an opinion is given and this opinion is translated into a premium.

When does a reinsurer come into the picture?

Not all insurers (or proxies) work with DH Reinsurance. Do you have a medical condition or have you been ill? Then it is advisable to know which parties offer customised routes and work together with DH Reinsurance. On our site you can see our partners. All these parties aim to help people with a medical condition obtain good life insurance.