We believe that everyone should be able to obtain life insurance. Even if they have a medical condition.

More about the way we work

DH Reinsurance: A unique reinsurer

Medical conditions can sometimes be difficult to insure. And that applies not only to rare conditions, but also to medical conditions that are increasingly common, such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. These conditions do not always fit within the acceptance criteria of the insurers.

We are a Dutch reinsurer. In the Netherlands we operate under the name De Hoop, abroad under the name DH Reinsurance. By ceding a life insurance policy to us, insurers do not have to bear the financial risks themselves. Our many years of experience and unique expertise ensure that insurers can accept almost every client.

Why DH Reinsurance?

  • More than 115 years of experience as a reinsurer
  • We accept 90% of the applications
  • Unique medical knowledge and expertise
  • Personal, fast and professional
  • Insurers have an answer within 2 days

Insuring medical conditions

Since DH Reinsurance was founded in 1905, we have built up a unique amount of medical expertise. Complex medical conditions are expertly translated by our medical advisors into an appropriate risk profile. Whether it concerns common conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer, or rare conditions, the involvement of DH Reinsurance as the reinsurer makes it possible for insurers to accept these risks.

Thanks to our unique knowledge and expertise, we can accept 90% of applications.