Life insurance or no life insurance? As a financial advisor you can work with DH Reinsurance to make a difference for your client.

Financial advisors and DH Reinsurance

We believe that everyone should be able to take out a good life insurance policy, even people with an increased medical risk. Are you a financial advisor and do you have a client with a medical condition? Or has your client been seriously ill in the past? Then ask whether the insurance company wants to assign this risk to us. If that does not work, please contact us. We work together with various partners who are happy to help you and your client!

Increase in chronic illness

The number of people with a medical condition is increasing. Over 50 percent of people have at least one medical condition. This means that many financial advisors are dealing with clients for whom taking out life insurance is not a standard procedure. As a financial advisor, it is important to know what the options are for the client to obtain the best life insurance. We are here to assist you. At DH Reinsurance, each request is treated individually and assessed by our medical advisors. Thanks to the unique knowledge and expertise we have built up, we can accept almost everyone.