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What is DH Reinsurance's mission?

We believe that everyone should have access to life insurance, even people with a medical condition. That is why we offer insurers the opportunity to assign to us medical risks that they do not want or cannot insure themselves.

Who are the shareholders of DH Reinsurance?

DH Reinsurance has three Dutch shareholders: Aegon, Nationale-Nederlanden and Onderlinge 's Gravenhage. They own a proportional share of the shares.

What is reinsurance?

Taking out life insurance entails a risk for the insurer: the risk that the insurer must pay in the event of death. The insurer can also insure this risk itself. This involves reinsurance. More about reinsurance.

What is the privacy policy of DH Reinsurance?

We use your data to assess the mortality risk to be insured and, if necessary, to reinsure this risk. We are aware that the files we process contain a lot of privacy-sensitive personal data. We therefore handle this very carefully. Want to know more? View our privacy statement.

Is DH Reinsurance also active abroad?

DH Reinsurance was founded by Dutch insurers. There are now also insurance companies outside the Netherlands that have found their way to DH Reinsurance. For example, we work with insurers in Belgium, France, Liechtenstein and on Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Maarten.

Does DH Reinsurance have a permit for the insurance business?

DH Reinsurance has a license for the reinsurance business and is registered in the Register of Reinsurers.

Which code of conduct does DH Reinsurance endorse?

DH Reinsurance is a member of the Dutch Association of Insurers and endorses the applicable codes of conduct.

Financial advisors

How can my client qualify for reinsurance via DH Reinsurance?

We are happy to tell you more about our tailor-made routes. Please contact us so that we can help you and your customer in the best possible way.

How can I best help my client if they have a medical condition?

You cannot always tell from their appearance whether someone has a medical condition or has been ill. By asking your client if he or she expects the application may not be accepted on medical grounds, you can better estimate which route to take. If there is a medical condition, when you submit the application you can notify the insurance company in advance of the existence of DH Reinsurance. Alternatively, you refer your client to one of our collaborative partners. By doing so, the chance of a rejection or an excessive premium is minimized.


As an insurer, how can we reinsure life insurance with DH Reinsurance?

Any supervised life insurer can reinsure risks with DH Reinsurance. An assignment must made for this at DH Reinsurance.

Do we qualify for an assignment with DH Reinsurance?

DH Reinsurance has an assignment policy for insurers. The presence of a permit, a good governance structure, reliable directors and a good financial position are important criteria for qualifying for an assignment. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

We already have a reinsurance contract with another reinsurance company. Can we still do business with DH Reinsurance?

Yes, we will conclude a facultative reinsurance agreement with you. In general, this can be concluded in addition to an obligatory contract.

Does DH Reinsurance only work in the Netherlands?

No, DH Reinsurance also works with insurers in other countries among which Belgium, France, Liechtenstein and on Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Maarten.

Does DH Reinsurance have a rating?

DH Reinsurance is a relatively small organization and therefore does not have a rating from one of the well-known rating agencies. DH Reinsurance does have a strong solvency position and uses a solvency ratio of at least 200% for its internal standard. This means that the counterparty risk you run as an insurer is relatively small (comparable to companies with an A rating).


Can I also take out a life insurance policy directly with DH Reinsurance?

No, that is not possible. We are a reinsurer. Insurers can assign life insurance policies to us if there is an increased medical risk. As a client, you will not notice this, but in this way we make it possible for insurers to accept you as a client.

If my insurance is assigned to DH Reinsurance, will I notice this as a client?

No, you would not notice that you have been reinsured with DH Reinsurance. You would receive a policy from your insurer and not from DH Reinsurance.

Can an insurer refuse me?

Yes, an insurer always makes its own risk assessment and can therefore refuse you. You can ask why you were refused.

What is a customised route?

If there is an increased medical risk, the chance that you can take out insurance via a customised route is many times greater than it is via the “normal” route. If there is customisation, your file will be personally assessed. Regular (re)insurers usually use manuals, in which the premiums for each medical condition are fixed. DH Reinsurance believes that every client is unique. By looking directly at the client’s file, we often can give a lower estimate than the one based on the manuals of the (re)insurance companies.

Why do I pay a higher premium if I have an increased medical risk?

If you have a medical condition, your risk of death is higher. Therefore, the premium for the life insurance also increases.

Can an insurer ask you if you have been rejected elsewhere for medical reasons?

An insurer cannot refuse you just because you have been rejected elsewhere on medical grounds. Every insurer must reassess your situation. They can call on DH Reinsurance's expertise for this.

Will my premium go down again if my health improves?

You can always ask whether your insurer can revise the premium. New medical assessment will then be requested. If your health improves, your premium is expected to decrease.