We offer every life insurer the opportunity to pursue a socially responsible acceptance policy.

DH Reinsurance and insurers

Insurers have a social responsibility to prevent people from being uninsured against their will. The code of conduct for insurers emphasizes this social responsibility and the principles of solidarity and accessibility. We help you as an insurer to fulfil this social role and additional obligations. We do this by offering you, as an insurer, the option of providing life insurance for people with an increased medical risk. Our years of experience and unique expertise ensure that we can accept almost every client. Working with us is quick and easy. We are an facultative reinsurer, so you can work with us even if you have existing reinsurance contracts.

Acceptance in 4 steps

We will immediately review the application and, in most cases, will process the application.
If it’s a simple application, you’ll receive a quote the next.
If the application is more complex, a second medical advisor will assess the application and you will receive the quote one day later.
Then we draw up a clear agreement. You can determine the minimum or maximum coverage yourself.

In which countries is DH Reinsurance active?

We are a Dutch reinsurer. In the Netherlands we operate under the name De Hoop, abroad under the name DH Reinsurance. Outside the Netherlands we have alliances with partners in Belgium, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, United Kingdom and on Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Maarten.