If there is an increased medical risk, it is not always easy to take out a life insurance policy. We try to offer as many people as possible an affordable solution.

DH Reinsurance makes insurance possible

If you want to take out life insurance, for example in connection with the purchase of a new home, the application will go through a financial advisor, intermediary or directly through the insurer. The insurer assesses the risk and accepts or rejects it. If you are chronically ill or have been ill in the past, the outcome of the application is uncertain. In that case, the insurer may not accept you. That is why it is good to inform the insurer or intermediary about our existence in a timely manner. As a reinsurer, we offer insurers the option of ceding life insurance to us. Therefore, insurers do not have to bear the risk themselves and can accept almost every client.

Our added value

Assessing an application for a life insurance policy on medical grounds requires a customized route and specialized knowledge. Knowledge that insurers do not or insufficiently possess. We do have that knowledge. Complex medical conditions are expertly translated by our medical advisors into an appropriate risk profile. Whether it concerns common conditions or rare disorders, with DH Reinsurance as the reinsurer it is possible for someone with a medical condition to take out a suitable life insurance policy.

We accept 96 percent of the submitted applications. This means that almost everyone can be insured through us.