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Executive Board

  • Gilbert Pluym
    Managing director
  • Seada van den Herik
  • Henk-Jan Osse
    Operational manager

Medical Advisors

Medical Advisors
Gilbert Pluym - Managing director

Gilbert is trained as an actuary. After a career in actuarial consultancy, he served as the financial director of ABN AMRO Insurance and Delta Lloyd Bank. He has been the director of De Hoop since 2013. Until August 2022, he was also general manager of the life insurance company Onderlinge ’s-Gravenhage. He also holds various board positions within the Dutch Association of Insurers, including chairman of the Medical Ethical Affairs Committee (MEZA).

"De Hoop offers a safety net for people who otherwise would not be able to get life insurance for medical reasons. Therefore, they cannot cover risks or participate fully in society. It is nice to make this possible with De Hoop and to be able to contribute my knowledge and experience within a small team."

Seada van den Herik - Director

Seada van den Herik has been director of De Hoop since 2017 and is also director of life insurance company Onderlinge 's-Gravenhage. Seada focuses on business development: introducing new products, improving processes and increasing visibility in the market. Seada has extensive experience in positions with final responsibility in the financial sector and previously worked as an international consultant at the interface of change, business and IT.

"My aim is to make things better – better suited to what people want, better organized, and more energetic. De Hoop's objectives are relevant to many more people and parties in our society. And there are opportunities to offer them other products as well. Many people just don't know about us yet. I would like to change that."

Henk-Jan Osse - Operational manager

Henk-Jan Osse is operational manager at De Hoop. Henk-Jan maintains contacts with insurers and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business. In addition, he focuses on business development together with the management. Making a difference for vulnerable people is what appeals to him in his position at De Hoop.

“We are in daily contact with people who, due to medical conditions, have difficulty covering a part of their financial uncertainty. We try to offer as many people as possible in this situation an affordable solution. It is an ongoing challenge to make a tailor-made offer for everyone. The proof that this is possible is evident from the history of De Hoop, which goes back more than 115 years. It is my motivation to keep this promise every day with a like-minded team.”

Medical Advisors

Hans Ablij


André Gaasbeek


Gijs Willemsen

Internist-geriatric specialist

The medical advisors of DH Reinsurance examine and assess the medical records of people who want to take out life insurance. Based on the recent literature and statistics, they provide an estimate of the mortality probability within the requested insurance period. They do this as accurately as possible, using medical databases and the most recent publications in renowned medical journals, both nationally and internationally. In this way, suitable and well-founded advice can be obtained for each individual.

"Taking out life insurance for someone who has never had a condition is usually an administrative operation. If you do or have had an illness, serious or less serious, applying for a life insurance policy is no longer just an administrative matter. You will then be judged on something that happened to you unexpectedly. As a society, we must seize and offer every opportunity to give these people the chance to build a future. This includes taking out a life insurance policy. The fact that we can contribute to this as a medical advisor at De Hoop, alongside our work as internists, is very valuable to us."